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Niagara Falls, Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

Our trip to Canada featured Niagara Falls, ice wine from Peller Estates, Christmas Lights displayed for the Winter Festival of Lights adorning the Niagara Parkway and matching PJ's from the local Canadian Walmart.

Hotel: Falls View Marriott

Perk: Starbucks gift card for being eco-friendly by reusing towels.

Places to go & Things to do

1. Niagara Falls

At the Falls View Marriott if you look out your window you can see the large body of water that makes up Niagara Falls. Breakfast is served with a view of the falls at the Terrapin Cafe falls view restaurant. If you walk out the back door, give or take 100 yards, you can see the enormous water fall that is Niagara Falls. At night the falls are lit up by fireworks (only certain nights) and color changing lights.

2. Butterfly Conservatory

The Butterfly Conservatory is a self directed walking tour. Every hour butterflies hatch from their cocoons and are released into the conservatory. If you wear bright colors you are more likely to have butterflies land on you. Using a gentle hand, butterflies can be picked up and moved from the walkway.

3. Peller Estates

Peller Estates is known for their Ice Wine. Ice wine is a sweet desert wine harvested from the first winter frost, making the supplies limited. My personal favorite was the Vidal Ice Wine, a sweet white ice wine. The wine is supposed to be held in the mouth for 6-7 seconds to let your saliva break down the sugars to get the full flavor of the wine. Take a tour and enjoy an Ice Wine tasting at the bar.

4. Niagara on the Lake

Niagara on the Lake is a small town filled with boutiques and restaurants. This town comes with all the charm of a Hallmark Christmas movie. Carriage rides, Life sized Nutcrackers, letters to Santa and even Santa Clause himself fill the town with Christmas cheer. Eat at one of the many restaurants, stop by the Christmas ornament shop for a souvenir and complete your day with outdoor Ice Skating and a hot cocoa.

5. Souvenir City

Before you head back home, stop by Souvenir City and pick up a bottle of 100% pure maple syrup and a mug. You can also find souvenir t-shirts, shot glasses and Christmas ornaments. For all your alcohol

needs stop by the Duty-Free Store.


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