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Macrame Plant Holder

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

These plant holders are eco-friendly and stylish. Using a Mason jar in place of a plastic pot, I knotted yarn around the jar to make these plant holders. Keep reading to find out how you can make your own!


1. 100% Cotton Yarn - weight 4

2. Tape

3. Mason Jar - pint 32 oz

4. Scissors

5. Dirt

6. Plant / Seeds

7. Ceiling hooks

I chose to plant mint, basil and aloe along with two jars seeded with cilantro and lavender. Mint is perfect for smoothies and fruit cocktails. Basil, cilantro and aloe are also plants that can be consumed and aloe can also be use topically, on the skin.

Step 1: Cut your string

Measure how far or low you want your planters to hang and then add an additional 2 feet. You can always cut the string later if your plant hangs too low but you can not put string back once it is cut. Take your string and cut 12 equal lengths of yarn. Once your string is cut, knot all 12 strands together, leave half a foot of excess string to make a tail for your plant holder.

Step 2: Tape your string

After you knot your strands together, tape your string to the bottom of your jar. Tape the strands in pairs of two, forming six pairs spread evenly around the bottom of the jar or pot.

Step 3: Take one strand from one pair and another strand from another and tie them together like you were tying your shoes, then make another knot. Each pair should be tied together with a double knot.

Step 4: Tape down the two strands in a diagonal in opposite directions forming a v-shape. As you continue to make the five remaining knots the strands forming the v-shapes should touch another strand from another knot.

Step 5: Continue this pattern until you reach the mouth of the jar or pot. Ending the pattern at the mouth of the jar or pot gives the string room to stretch when you remove the tape. At this point you will knot your string but you will not need to tape it down.

Step 6: Now that your string is tied off, you can remove the tape.

Step 7: Your macrame plant holder is complete and it is time to fill your mason jar with dirt and pot your plant. I chose basil, mint and aloe for my indoor plants along with two pots seeded with cilantro and lavender. My dad gave me one of his basil seedlings to plant.

Step 8: Hang your planter from your ceiling using ceiling hooks. I bought metal ceiling hooks from Amazon but you can also buy them from your local hardware store. Be sure to hang your plants by a window for plenty of sunlight.


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