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Fall Apartment Tour 2020

Fall Apartment Tour 2020

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Pumpkin Chunkin' Chocolate Cups

October 1st marks the start of pumpkin season! Pumpkin spice, pumpkin pie and now pumpkin chocolate cups. They are a pumpkin twist on a Reese's cup. With just 5 ingredients these vegan pumpkin chocolate cups are perfect treats for your next Halloween party or movie night!


Apple Cinnamon Doughnuts

In my hometown fall begins September 1st with apple season. Apples are a staple flavor of fall and these doughnuts are the perfect fall treat to start the fall season.

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Vegan Squash Soup

It's sweater weather and soup season! Squash soup is a creamy soup packed with vegetables, perfect for dipping a grilled cheese sandwich. So grab your favorite sweater, a bowl of vegan squash soup and let's get komfy.


Maple Spiced Doughnuts

Falling leaves & maple trees: Sunday's in our house start with a home cooked breakfast followed by some light laundry and lots of quality time. Sunday's are made for recharging and resetting for the week ahead. Start your Sunday off with maple spiced vegan doughnuts.


Maple Pecan Waffles

Flavors of Fall: Maple syrup, pecans and cinnamon all in one dish. The batter smells like a crisp autumn morning, which is exactly how you should be enjoying these waffles. 


Banana Nut Muffins

Bananas have always been a quick and vegan easy breakfast. But when the bananas ripen too quickly, and you need to use them fast, vegan banana nut muffins are the best way to go.

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