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This or That

Kait Manson

"This or That"Stories are effective for engagement because they leverage interactivity, user participation, and shareability, all of which are essential for enhancing your presence on the platform and building a stronger connection with your audience.

Breakfast Cupcake

"This or That" Stories are a popular format that can be effective for boosting engagement for several reasons:

  • Interactivity: "This or That" stories are designed to be interactive. They often ask users to make a choice between two options, such as "Coffee or Tea?" or "Netflix or Hulu?" This engagement technique encourages viewers to tap on their preferred choice, which registers as an interaction on your story. This engagement can increase your story's visibility and reach.

  • User Participation: People love sharing their preferences and opinions, and "This or That" stories provide an easy and fun way for them to do so. When users engage with your story by selecting an option, they become more invested in your content, which can lead to increased interest in your profile overall.


  • Extended Viewing Time: Social media algorithms takes into account the time users spend engaging with your content. Since "This or That" stories require users to interact, they tend to keep users on your story longer as they make their choices and see the results. This extended viewing time can signal to the algorithm that your content is engaging and relevant.

  • Shareability: When users engage with "This or That" stories, they often share their choices on their own stories or with friends through direct messages. This sharing behavior can help your content reach a wider audience, as people share their responses and encourage others to participate.

  • Insights and Data: Instagram provides insights on your story's performance, including the number of taps and interactions. Analyzing this data can help you better understand your audience's preferences and interests, allowing you to create more engaging content in the future.

  • Creativity and Personalization: You can customize "This or That" stories to align with your brand or personal style. This format allows for creativity in designing the graphics and choices, making it an opportunity to showcase your personality or brand identity.

  • Easy to Create: "This or That" stories are relatively simple to create using built-in story creation tools. You don't need advanced design skills or software to make engaging content in this format.

Feel free to use these "this or that" storyboards for your social medias but be sure to tag me. I'd love to engage and play along! 

Instagram: @kaitmanson

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