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Goal Setting

Kait Manson

Create goals to achieve and attain your dreams. Use the SMART strategy to design realistic and reasonable goals. Be specific in what you want to gain. Decide how you want to attain the goal and why you want to achieve it. Set a timeline and break down the goal into smaller weekly and daily goals. Make your dreams a reality! 

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S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Realistic

T: Timely

Be specific as possible when writing your goals. Make the goal measurable and attainable. The goal should be realistic. If I work 60 hours a week and have little time to spare then I do not want to make a lofty, time consuming goal. Lastly, the goal should have a timeline. A year, a month, a week or a day. Depending of if the goal is long term or short term. 


Example: Read 12 new books in a year (6 fiction and 6 non-fiction).

Example: Save $600 in 6 months by saving $50 a paycheck.

9 aspects of life

1. Spiritual / Religious

2. Personal development

3. Health

4. Romance

5. Family

6. Business / Career

7. Finance

8. Fun / Recreation

9. Social 

There are multiple facets to life and it can be tough to balance and juggle the many hat thats we all wear. In order to prevent myself from slacking in one area of my life I create goals for each aspect of life and incorporate the goals into my routines. 

Spiritual: Can be anything related to religion or spirituality. The goals can include visiting a house of worship twice a month or reading a chapter in a religious or spiritual text. The goals could involve practicing rituals and learning about holidays. 

Personal development: This aspect involves improving yourself. Skills one may want to improve could be communication and leadership. One may want to gain a new skill like knitting, sowing or learning to use tools. 

Health: This goal ranges from meal planning and healthy eating to fitness and gym goals. Health can also include mental health. Improve both your mind and your body. Buy a recipe book and create one recipe a week out of the book. Join a gym and take a new class weekly. Take time on Sundays for self care. Learn about skin care and sleep to improve your overall quality of life.

Romance: This goal is about connecting with your partner. A monthly date night together or weekly walks after work. Other ideas include daily or weekly questions exchanged between partners to learn about each other and stay connected.

Family: Every family is unique and is defined differently for each person. These goals could be a weekly game night, movie night or dinners together. Spend time with mom and dad, grandparents or friends who have become family over the years. 

Business / Career: Build a business or gain a new certifications to grow one's career. Business and career goals can overlap with personal development skills. Become a better communicator and learn leadership skills to impress management. 

Finance: Pay bills, save money for a big goal or pay off debt. Become more financially stable. Grow your income by learning and reading about investing in stocks and real-estate. Learn about money management and never go into debt again. 

Fun / Recreational: This goal does not need to be an expensive vacation but it could be if your desire is to travel abroad. One could travel locally for a long weekend or travel long distance to a far away destination. This goal could also include a new hobby like pottery or guitar. One could also plan a fun outing with friends to an amusement park or ski trip depending on the season. 

Social: Get out of the house and network with others. If you are a student, study from a coffee shop once or twice a week for a change of scenery. Go to social event or networking event once a month. Make new friends and explore your surroundings. 

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