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Just starting to eat more pants or bored with your current lunch and dinner go-to's? Discover our 14 day meal plan guide with quick and versatile meal options. 

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everyone loves simple + tasty recipes.

It’s the easiest way to whip up a well-rounded meal comprised of your favorite ingredients. The recipes for this 14-day meal plan only require a handful of easy-to-find components that you can re-use in different meals while creating entirely new combinations. We've included a meal planning and prepping guide along with a grocery guide to make this experience simple + tasty. 

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more than a meal plan

plant based eating made easy. 

meal planning + prepping

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14 days of healthy + delicious meals


start your 14 day meal plan now.

Next week’s lunches and dinners are all planned out and ready to go! Grab the free eBook to let us guide you through the basics of plant-based eating. We really want you to reap all the great benefits of this lifestyle – see you on the inside!

Download the Free eBook Now
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